Tuesday, February 20, 2007

yarn stash (and burn?)

the french press cozy (my over-dyed wool yarn from Australia days) for my work coffee. and a little mixed media collage I made for my little space.
my progress on these socks. i am *thrilled* with the colourway on these (my own hand-painted yarn!)
we have another yarn dyeing day coming up quickly and i am *s0* making more of this colourway and similar blends.

quick post with just a few photos -- i'll update the daily collages later.

*long* and *lovely* weekend led to lots of around the house projects. not the least of them being "the organization of the stash" - which isn't really too out of control, but i really wanted it sorted and pretty enough to leave one basket in the livingroom. so, i brought all the containers of yarn into my studio, dumped them out two baskets at a time and rearranged.
all the wool into the big handle basket.
all the sock yarn into the round laundry looking basket (including three unfinished sock projects)
all the ufo's into the drawstring baskets (one has all the purple and blue bits I collected for making a shawl, the other has the rest of my ufo's - a rug, fetching gloves i have to frog one of because i didn't cable it to the same level of the other, a bag to be felted)
all the acrylic -- for teaching folks to knit, tyeing up skeins for dyeing, and assorted mystery projects into the plastic bin to be stored in the garage.
one bag of yarn to be returned to rachel. (handed it off today at work).
0ne empty basket to return to it's previous duty of studio area paper recycling container/waste basket (two bags fit into it).

took about an hour. (de-tangling a bit, sorting needles and accessories, etc). totally worth it!

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