Thursday, February 01, 2007

the curl is back

i began painting on the collages this week. i like it. i started knitting with my newly produced sock yarn. not really enough to photograph yet, probably tomorrow's post (we have a netflix movie to watch tonight).

new haircut today. i love it. new city, new hairdresser (yes, i haven't gotten even a trim since May - eek), and she created exactly what i hoped for. my description to her: short enough to bring the natural curl back, long enough to pull into a ponytail, no mullet. when it began to look as though the front was going to be too long to have good front curls, i amended to say that i was happy to use bobbypins to pull back a few strands. she cut a little more and i can still get it all pulled back (for studio time and walks and sleeping - i guess this is one of my weird things - as seen on many blogs these past few weeks - i never liked sleeping with loose hair, short as it's ever been, i would find some way to pull it back at night, scarves, headbands, multiple ponytails...)


cordeliaknits said...

whoa, that is weird!!
Doesn't the ponytail hurt your head when you lie down?

celeste said...

not since i stopped wearing those knobby ponytail holders (i think that was in jr. high)
i tag you to post 6 weird things :)