Wednesday, January 31, 2007

'All the People' colourway?

argh. blogger ate my post again!
highlights of the long post.
i love ballwinders.
(and i don't accumulate a lot of gadgets, so that's quite a ringing endorsement from me).
i wound all the skeins (see previous post for photos) into these balls of wonder. (organized in the same order, for reference).
had a mishap with the ballwinder at one point so ended up having to cut a skein.
favorites include: the mostly red, the bright Easter colours (trying to think of a good name for this one. stream of consciousness has led me so far from bright Easter, to progressive Christianity, to United Church of Christ; now I'm going to go within that larger topic to find a good name within -- suggestions welcome).
photos: starting at the top. the overdyed skeins in balls; my favourite reds; all the sock yarn; the (for now named: 'All the People' colourway, click on the UCC logo on the right column of my website for a brief "why?" explanation).

***hey, the first posting of the night mysteriously did get posted....oh, well, for now, I'm leaving both up.

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