Sunday, January 28, 2007

to crafty days

i finally finished framing one of my handcrafted gifts!
oh, i can hardly wait to show you. i'm quite proud.
my mom tells me that she reads my blog regularly (though she never posts a comment ;) -- maybe when i put the picture of this gift up, she'll post a comment about her thoughts on it -- please mom!)

so i'll wait to post when i'm sure that she's seen it in person first.

in the mean time...these are january 27 and january 28, 2007, the daily collages.

it's been raining, the sun is now streaming through the fig tree branches casting shadows on the floor of my studio.

i'm very tempted to go to the local big-box bookstore to check out the latest sewing and knitting books.

the other big pull is the messy i mentioned, my art flow seems to be good today...
...that settles it. i'm going to do a couple of chores, make a little snack-y lunch, and then right back to the studio for more art making!
hope you are all enjoying crafty days too!

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