Sunday, January 14, 2007

more wine country images

having a wine-tabulous arty adventure. some additional images. have seen *lots* of birds, all different shapes and sizes (cats too). tremendous numbers of glorious plants and still some trees with bright fall colours on them.

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Anonymous said...

You know windsor so much better than I do! When I go up there, I tend to go so that I can sit in a quiet space without interruption... and I rarely go outside, except to get something out of the vehicle or find more groceries. I am envious of your adventurous spirit!

I also think that you should definitely take that picture of the leaf in the latte foam, and make it into a stamp, or a collage, or a silver pendant, or some such creative thing... :) I'm sure you could come up with the best option. It just strikes me as something so "in the moment" and yet so eternal. hmmm... ~R