Friday, January 19, 2007

tell me something good.....

it's been wild at work lately. that busy, phones ringing off the hook, people bring in lattes and cookies and lunch and we work feverishly and then all stand around the "refreshments" for 10 minutes (or so) and tell crazy stories about "last year at this time", or "oh remember EL of 1997 when X did Y" and we all laugh, or gasp, or hope for an *even*better* story this year. fun. i really love this time, i love the shared stories and the community that develops when we all get punch drunk and laugh so hard our sides hurt! So the conference is coming up. I'll likely be silent (blog-wise) for a couple of days unless I have wireless access in the hotel room (someone in the office made the reservation, and I haven't had the thought to check out that little bit of information for myself yet). So, in the span of less than a week, I'm going from rural (-ish, it's coastal California after all) to urban living. I'll be comparing and contrasting in my handwritten journal, I'll share a bit in the daily collages and maybe a bit in writing on the blog later too.

o.k. *please* post a comment. pick a post, any post and post a comment.


Anonymous said...

I am so loving the daily cards! It reminds me each time I look at your site that I, too, need to pick up my daily spiritual practice and delve more deeply into it... your creativity is surpassed only by your kindness and generosity. (okay - probably by other things too, but I would be hard-pressed to make a list... so let's just say they are all up there!) :) Lots of love ~ Bringer of Lattes and Cookies (and scones!)

cordeliaknits said...

Hey Boo,
I finally got online and posted process pics from our dying day!
Have fun at the hotel, and let us know when you're having that party!