Wednesday, January 31, 2007

in praise of ball winders!

i'm really not much of a gadget girl. not really tempted by infomerials (that doesn't look right - y'all will know what I mean though). but, oh...i am in love with ball winders!

look at the glorious difference before and after (before twice over for the overdyed batch -- the smaller six skein set) see previous posts for the before photos, i've arranged the balls in the same order as their skein before winding shots.

i knit a french press cozy the other day. i keep my french press on my desk at work. you know there are different coffee camps (i'm well out of the ****bucks camp), the coffee provided by the dining hall is not to my liking -- the best news to me about our dining hall coffee is that it is Fair Trade and Organic (but not "Strictly Organic" which *rocks*), so i like to make my own, at my desk. Anyway, I didn't bring my camera to work, so no picture of the great new french press cozy (my envisioned pattern, it is certainly servicable...but my next one will include a well placed hole for the spout too). Will take pictures and post next week.

While winding and winding sock yarn we ran into a couple of snags (literally) on the *last* ball of sock yarn, it got really hopelessly tangled and we had to *cut* the yarn and then fish for all the bits out of the gears. This is one of my favorite colourways. The deep reds are another and finally, the bright combination on the far left too. Any colourway name suggestions?

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