Sunday, January 21, 2007

colours and collages

we dyed sock yarn yesterday! neither of us had done this before...but, we had a book and several pages of different directions from the internet (not conflicting directions, but, none of them said the same we sort of did different things from each of the directions, based on the supplies that I had on hand). There was a point when we thought that perhaps $20 a skein was totally worth it. (and of course it is! but we wanted to put the colours and colourways in our heads into the yarn)

And then***, when we lifted the aluminum foil/lid after all 9 skeins had steamed for 45 minutes and saw the bright, gorgeous colours!
I'm so in love with the yarn I dyed!
I can't wait to knit some of it up to see what it looks like in a finished product. Of course I took *no* pictures. Cordelia did though. Sadly, Cordelia has been internet-less for several days. Maybe later today or tomorrow she'll have all the photos up, check back with her to see the whole process (and her yarn). My one photo is of my yarn and where we did the dyeing. I'll take more photos when it's dry and wound too.

Also, collage 1/20/07 and collage 1/21/07

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Very Cool!