Friday, February 09, 2007

a tree grows....

the newest collages (haven't done todays yet, though i have been making other collages, i'll share those later).
it's raining and raining.
i *love* the sound of rain, especially on leaves and the evergreen tree in our front yard.
i imagine this is where the strong tree imagery is coming from these past few days.
i also finished up my originals for my ArtFest book. gotta get 'em photocopied, then add the embellishments and ship them out.
i've been making up lots of Valentine's goodies -- because it's always good to spread the love, non? photographs later.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,
Just logged on (finally!) to see what you're up to and I have to say - I'm impressed! February 9th and still going strong. Thanks for bringing your beautiful self out into the world!
Much Love,
Sara S.