Sunday, March 11, 2007

daylight savings time - you betcha

We took every advantage of the extra light today. Being an early riser, I got up in the relative darkness again. I was really enjoying my world getting lighter early every day -- I guess that will continue, but with a little step backwards for now. So, after various morning rituals (including my morning pages), this was my view from the espresso machine this morning. It's hard to tell from this mini photo, but the dark under the sunrise are the hills of the East Bay.

A couple of shots of our backyard and all the crazy growth going on. After church we went to Half Moon Bay (the beach being a popular destination for roughly 6200 other cars). We put sunscreen on (yeah us) and got a healthy sunburn. Loads of people of our walk, some fun party group had taken over one of the many oceanview benches for all their food and wine - great idea. I'll let y'all know when we decide to do this, if you are in the area, we'd love to have you join the fun. Just look for the bench with a couple of helium balloons, lots of laughter and the various wines and cheeses. I forgot my camera today, so this is an older image. I did bring my at the moment favorite book - Finding Water. I do love Julia Cameron, though am a little curious about what she looks like today, since the photo in this new book is at least 15 years old, I mean it's been a while since my last glamour shot (er, wait a minute, I've never done a glamor shot -- but then again, I have no international bestsellers either).

i made art. i listened to KCRW's Good Food while I organized the right half of the garage (and a tiny bit of the right side). i've committed myself to a half an hour each day that i don't drive to work.
i give Roshambo Winery a 10. it's always so fun to go there when we are in wine country. our favorite wines there - Reverend (of course) and Justice (yes, of course).

More collages. Sold another couple of pieces from my little bit of the web. (which is good, because our washing machine has decided it doesn't like to let the teeniest bit of cold water in, so it's very nearly useless and we need to buy a new one).

where our office went for a day-long retreat - very peace-full. There was at least one resident cat, which I got to lavish attention on while waiting for the rest of the office to appear.

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