Friday, March 16, 2007

'busy making stuff'

some new (though mostly blurry- sorry) images of yesterday's fit of creativity. some crazy times, i put all the angst in my morning pages and somewhat clearer headed, went on to paint and pencil and crayons and markers to make all of these 4x4 squares and more. (she reads: 'busy making stuff')

i read through the online directions for my scanner (HP Officejet 63100xi All-in-One, in case anyone reading this knows of this machine and can offer tips) trying to figure out how to make super quality scans to then take to a shop for professional level prints of my work. no success. i tried a few more searchs on the HP website and then gave up (i tend to be really low on patience when i have to turn my attention to the lit candles in the studio to pray for more patience -- stare at candle and pray, grant me the wisdom to see that there are grand things on the horizon)

i love this - fabric like. i just started doodling on the gesso background and then coloured it all in.

i've been prepping collage a day cards lately. (my own project, my own rules - i just have to doing something on them each day).

lots more of these too. lounged on the couch with c last night, with a pile of blank cards, these backgrounds and a pencil and sharpie (tm) marker to do some quick drawings on some for filling in today with more paint. delicious.

heading to the beach again today. hoping for more whispers....

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jan young said...

hi celeste. i don't have the same brand of scanner and also don't know a whole lot about the process, but something i just learned about having prints made at a print shop is that i can scan and create my work then take a digital copy to the printer on a jump drive and the print they make from the digital image actually turns out much better than printing from a print. also, i thought that we were to be roomates at artfest. are you still going?