Monday, March 26, 2007

granny-a-long cozy

after a long and fruitless search for a bigger memory card for my camera, i bought a new camera. necessary because i'm going to ArtFest. i know i'll need to have the ability to take more than 30 photos (the capacity of my old camera's card). the new camera (which took this posts photos) came without a case. so, an evening watching The Holiday later, I have these three cases. I love 'em all. I'll be writing up the pattern to be made available on my blog sometime later. (after ArtFest and the weeks of frenzied art that is sure to take place afterwards). In the meantime, I can't stop making them, so they are listed here. I think I'll be making bigger bags too. Ah crochet, I have missed you.


Chie said...

How cute!!!!! :)

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love these, they remind me of my grandma when she taught me & my sister how to do granny squares one summer, you rock!!!