Thursday, October 04, 2007

o is for...

ocean: I am such a water baby. I don't remember learning to swim. Though I do remember swimming in the curriculum when I was in 5th and 6th grade. Swimming is *huge* in Australia and we were taught how to swim competitively, face in the water several strokes before a quick flick to the side to breathe out of the top corner of your mouth. Lots of practice with holding your breath. I loved swimming. I still love swimming. I haven't really *swam* in the ocean though I have gone on many a wave jumping adventure. Hey Sherree, Cyndi, Ellen...are you out there? We drove down to Durate's today - having heard about it many times, but never quite making it past our favorite spot in Half Moon Bay. We explored a little more before we take our leave of the Bay Area. We could not recommend more highly the Crab Coppicino and the Olalliberry pie.

oprah: For years Oprah has brought a positive energy to day time television. Encouraging all of us to develop our best selves, to administer self care through healthy eating, little luxuries (those give away shows - didn't you find something you needed, even if it wasn't the expensive choice shown on the show?). I love that she seems to have finally come into an understanding about her influence and (hopefully) regrets giving any credibility to GWB years ago. This presidential election she's supporting Barack Obama. He's infinitely better than GWB. However, he's still listening to advisors telling him to 'play it safe' and be middle of the road for me. He didn't show for a vote instead of standing up against this administration. I'm heartsick about the lack of spine in *most* Democrats. (And terrified about the lack of heart and evil/greed of *most* Republicans).

octopus: I love the look of them. When we lived in Singapore dried squid was a very popular snack. We never really took to it, for me it was just too salty.

ocktoberfest: Oh the glorious days of Ocktoberfest in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The first two years I lived there (graduate school) I lived off campus - my assistantship was in Student Activities. I went to the parades the fairgrounds for all the caramel apples and beer tasting. The last three years I was in LaCrosse I was a Hall Director and we had *round*the*clock* coverage to be sure all the buildings were secure, students and their guests stayed healthy. The team spirit those nights...Some of my greatest work memories are from LaCrosse - the best team I have ever experienced!

oregon: Will always have my heart. Really it is the Pacific Northwest -- the seasons, the evergreen trees, the snowcapped mountains nearly year round, the lakes, the hiking. When we moved to Oregon in 1978 I really felt *home*.

(just a few photos of my latest knitting...I haven't been keeping up with documenting them lately, but thought I'd better before they got packed...)


cordeliaknits said...

Great socks! I like the pattern of the blue ones the best, but the color of the first picture is my favorite. However, if the blue ones are in the Cherry Tree Hill yarn, then the color is probably much better in person than on screen.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Amazing Colors! Love them, especially the pink/purple ish bright ones in the middle. Well....all three are pretty striking really. Nice job :-)