Saturday, October 13, 2007

q is for...

Queen: As a child, when I really wanted something with my name on it (I believe I've talked about that here before) my consulation was the Babar stories. And Barbar was big in Australia. Queen Celeste *and* she was Queen of Celesteville.
Also, the knitted crown I made for Cordelia. She looks like a queen in that photo.

queue: British English...another word I lost (mostly) since leaving Australia. The word is back now - thanks to Ravelry.

quirky: yes. My favorite people are. My favorite stores are. My favorite restaurants are. My favorite churchs are.
A sock progress photo...a tad blurry, sorry, the crisp shot was with a flash and the colour was way off. Nearly done with these. I love this pattern, so my next pair of gift socks may be the same pattern again - thank goodness I have so many different colourways to knit it in to keep from getting too bored with the knitting. Don't you love watching the colourways emerge? (Though I have to say -- I'm *not* a fan of the lightening bolt pooling, which is why I haven't purchased Lorna's Laces again. Does anyone know if they have changed their dyeing pattern to avoid that yet?)

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Tara Ross Studios said...

Hi Celest,
Love your blog, love your blog header and I love these socks!!! Do you ever sell them on etsy? Let me know if you do, I'm a sock person, at least for cool ones!