Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween ...and finally, some art!

This short block in our neighbourhood really goes all out at Christmas time. The trees are full of white lights, there is a whole series of holiday themed blow up cartoony things and blinking lights and movement and there are always people driving and walking by. This is the most decorated house this season, the neighbours gave a nod to Halloween, but nothing like these folks. And the view from this street, of the bay and San Francisco in the background! We'll miss these views and this walk. And! we look forward to all the new adventures in Washington - we've already explored a few lakeside walks, and look forward to many more new places to explore.

More details about these pieces on my flickr page (click on the column on the right to see more about these journal pages)

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Mary Ann said...

Celeste these journal pages are so lovely. sigh