Thursday, October 11, 2007

p is for...

Pescadero: Photos from last week's trip ... a new section of the California coastline. Cute town. Captured this photo of a hummingbird too (shout out to Amy)

packing: Has been such a great experience this time. I'm tossing *so* much stuff! Put stacks and stacks of papers from my files -- papers from conferences and presentations and staff development theory and just, so much stuff -- it's all on the internets (that's a mantra in our house :)). The studio is even more empty now. I'll add photos tomorrow of the piles of boxes in the house and the sleekness of the studio once again. The best part of paring down now is having only items we love in the new house. No storage units, no "Hmmm, I wonder what's in those boxes in the garage?" From experience I know that I'll get rid of more stuff when we begin unpacking too. It's so freeing.


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