Thursday, October 18, 2007

the call of the neon fish....

Our final Half Moon Bay walk on Tuesday night. The sun was setting as we parked the car and power walked to the beach for glimpses of the sunset and ocean. Misting rain just a tiny bit. A call to our new home. Tears, but happy tears. We'll miss this beach, these walks, that fenceline, the hawks, our favorite birds and our made up names for them. Barbara's Fish Trap. The pumpkin patches. The changing horse. The winery cat. Peet's! Wouldn't you know it, just as we move a Peet's opens in Half Moon Bay. We stopped there once last week, only to find that it was just a training day. So, I didn't actually get the opportunity to have a Peet's from HMB, but I am so pleased for the rest of you to finally have the chance to have smooth coffee, espresso and glorious teas.

We're staying with a friend for a couple of nights as we catch up on rest before our days of driving and exploring. Don't know if I'll have an opportunity to share photos and stories along this journey, but I definitely will once we get settled in our new community. Blessings all.


Catherine Witherell said...

O.K. Celeste you have been talking about moving so long I never really knew when or to where. Here it says when and so I searched through your blog for where. Seattle? Have fun moving and enjoying the trip there. What classes did you get at Artfest? Hmmm?

Looking forward to you getting back to your blog and seeing your new PMC designs.

cordeliaknits said...

Aargh! DON'T GO!!!

Or, at least get a better cell phone plan so you can talk to me A LOT!

I'll miss you'all so much. Have a safe and fun drive, and call me--frequently!

XO, C.

Mary Ann said...

beautiful post. moving is hard. i'm anxious to hear all about your new adventure. and what you SEE along the way.