Thursday, October 25, 2007

some traveling photos INPO

(in no particular order) just photos i like from the trip. more posted in my flickr account later. second day in our new home, second day at the library. monday we may have internet access at home. good thing this library is open 7 days a week (well, good thing for me, maybe not good thing for the folks who work here).

A slight detour off I-5, to see a church we longed to see and to try to find Webster's. Drove right by the church -- great art sculpture/quote on the front "Peace is not found in fear or violence" - living the good life at that church! So, Webster's, not as easy to find, finally after cruising Main Street a couple of times, still unable to find 11 Main St. we pull into a little indentation in the street to a parking space walk across the parking area to the information stand, no one there. Ask a bystander, also a tourist, turn to walk to a nearby store to ask, look up, and there two spaces from our parked car -- Webster's! Looked through all the Koigu - found two sets of skeins (oops, no picture, bad blogger). Ashland is *so* beautiful.
Two days later...found the yarn store in Cannon Beach. They have Socks that Rock. Had never seen it either, nice feel, not any colours I liked remaining, so I gave up that yarn, only to purchase three skeins of Colinette Jitterbug (again, no photo, sorry...maybe if I get requests, I'll take some). Love them all. The biggest stash I've ever had!
And more architecture of SF to be added to flickr soon too.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for our journey. We are so blessed.
Tomorrow, studio day! (and house-hunting a little)


Donnalynda said...

Glad you are there safe and sound - the pictures of Haystack Rock made me homesick! DL

cordeliaknits said...

Um, yeah, we wanna see the yarn!
I can't believe that's the biggest stash you ever had, considering your collection of other kinds of art supplies!
It's my last full day in Palm Springs, and I'm headed out to check out a yarn store. Will post results on my blog!

Wende said...

Oh Goodness!! You were in my little Astoria! I hope you enjoyed it and the weather held. :D