Tuesday, October 30, 2007

catching up...

Feeling a bit like we are still in the tunnel. House hunting. Job search. Changing addresses. Still trying to figure out what phone service to use to have a land line in the house. Saturday I went to a North Seattle ArtFest meeting. That was fabulous, I met 5 amazing artists (Tara, Gwen, Janet, Delores & Binky), and am thrilled to be able to meet up with them again. And what a great space that Third Place Books is! I only got a teensy bit lost on the way there (and not at all on the way back). Bought two new pairs of shoes today (job interview coming up). And three new blouses and a rockin' wrap dress. Have been to the local PCC twice, Trader Joe's once, QFC once - lunch for the movers. Have explored different parts of the Tolt Pipeline, a couple of hiking areas. We haven't made it on a ferry ride yet - maybe next weekend. We haven't made it to Ikea yet. We have looked at about 10 more houses and *really* like one. We had a leak in the laundry room ceiling (the main level bathroom is directly above the laundry room - landlord had a plumber over the next afternoon, all's better). Cable & internet installed. 7 books checked out from the library, 11 requests, 3 more waiting for pick-up. Creating my daily collages. Catching up on my podcasts. Went to University Congregational United Church of Christ - very nice people, kids co-led the service last Sunday - they were so incredible, memorizing beautiful Bible passages and telling their stories of love! Had a Dick's burger and fries after church. (I like the Kidd Valley burgers better - we went there our first night in town - they have a non-bun option). What's going on with you?

Collide. My very first wholesale account (back in 1998). What a thrill that was...laying out all of my product (on the floor in the back, it's a small -- but *amazing* store) and having the owner pick out piece after piece to buy! That feeling was so great. And then, I got this great check! We always find something to buy here when we swing through Cannon Beach - even before she bought some of my work!

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Catherine Witherell said...

YAY! for you!