Friday, September 28, 2007

moving, exhausting...

so, we continue sorting, recycling, donating, offering things to friends
wishing recycling came *every* week in September and October.
we are on track though.
my studio is very nearly done (I'll take pictures this weekend - for now I'm just putting up anything I have in the computer that I haven't posted yet - I hope I have a photo to share, because I so don't appreciate a blog post without photos)
I've completed all of my projects due to folks - going to mail them all out this week.
Starting training my replacement at work today. Wonderful woman. Very exhausting to spend the whole day training!
Participating in what will be a *fabulous* chapel service tomorrow.
More packing. More trips to Half Moon Bay. More dolphin sightings (I've tried to capture them on film - no luck - it is magical to watch them though)
Soon and very soon we'll be finished with packing. and training. and good-bye parties, teas, lunchs, dinners. And we'll be spending a week on the road, taking the slow lane to Seattle - with a few scenic stops along the way. Room service. Hot tub. Gallery exploring. More beach time (in Oregon this time). We so need that. Only 15 more days!

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