Saturday, September 01, 2007

g is for...

granny squares! I have been making granny squares for years. The 'christmas blanket' i made in grad school (ahem, more than 15 years ago). The silver granny square is one of my most proud art pieces (available here, with custom colours or inscriptions)

i love this hat! Seen on a poster at one of our favorite shoe stores in Bend. Soon, i'll be needing hats, so i'll have to try to figure out how to make this.

gift wrap. I love to do extra special wrapping for my etsy people. Usually i forget to take a photo. I was always the gift wrap person in our family. My dad owned a mail business (Handle with Care) and one holiday season he had a space at the mall - so people could wrap, box and ship moments after purchasing. When I finished my last final in Eugene (U of O) I drove straight to the mall and begin wrapping gifts. I *love* wrapping gifts!

go write. I love this collage and the reminder to squirrel away and spend time with my journal, jotting down blog notes, etc.

giggles. In high school I had to leave the classroom a couple of times because I couldn't control my laughter. As an adult, I have had to leave meetings on occasion. Laughter is the best medicine.

growth. A beautiful word, brings to mind spring, wonderful smells, earthy. A favorite of folks who frequent the library (or bookstores), schools, lifelong learning.
go to your destiny. A favorite phrase between us.

good earth tea. Has saved me since giving up caffeine. My favorite break tea. So, so yummy.
grace. A mantra for me when I am confronted by folks saying and/or doing hurtful mean things.
goldberg, natalie. If you keep a journal or a blog, if you love to read, especially books about writing, self expression, living your dream, etc. you must read Natalie Goldberg!

'good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after' anne morrow lindbergh

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