Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i is for...

ice cream. Did you ever make ice cream as a family? Have any of you tried the super brightly coloured plastic spheres that REI (and probably other camping/sporting goods places) sells to make ice cream at your camping site? I'd love to try it, but don't really want to add to the kitchen gadgets unless it is really effective. Anyone? Tell us your ice cream making stories....especially if they involve these ice cream making spheres.

imagination. In college I had a full on crush on Albert Einstein (who didn't) - I mean the hair! the smiles and smirks, the fluffy 'i'm too busy to conform to the close cut cropping of men's hair in this era' wild hair. His commitment to many social justice causes. One of my favorite quotes of his: "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

intuition. I need quiet and alone time every day to replenish my intuition. Hey, another 'I'...because I am an introvert (well, borderline, I can be an extrovert, and am in some situations, at the beginning of the school year when new people are all around, when I start a new job, most coffee hours (though sometimes, I sneak out the back :))

inspired. By nature, truly. I just don't know what I'd do if I didn't live near enough to water to get to it regularly for day trips, hiking, picnics, photographing birds, fences, trees, other plant life. Also inspired by colour, the writers of blogs, architecture, yarn, thrift stores, garage sales, the women in my family - mom, grandma, aunts, sister in law...strong, beautiful women!

I titled this piece 'Innocence' because that's the name of the paint chip snippet on this quilt. It'll be on etsy soon.

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