Sunday, September 16, 2007

l is for...

luscious: I just love the way this word sounds - try it. (pause) Doesn't it sound decadent and yummy? Luscious yarn, luscious fabric, luscious that descriptive word.

latte: Love them, ration them now that i've learned that dairy isn't my good, good friend. Still trying to find a good milk substitute that works heated (soy, no; almond milk, no - any other suggestions?)

lamott: One of my favorite Christian writers. So much of what she writes resonates with me, love to hear her speak too, one of the great benefits of living in the Bay Area for the past four years is that we've had the pleasure to listen to her in person half a dozen times - at her home church, at our chapel, at graduation and as fundraisers. Love her!

let's do lunch: The beginnings of a new friendship, the ease kindred spirits. A slowly sipped coffee while chatting about our families, our jobs, our home, our life, our art. Meals while we lived on campus during seminary were such a treat, theological discussions, full-tilt life conversations. I will *so* miss those. We're moving on - to explore new places, learn more about new people, new communities, and still (hopefully) theological discussions.

lawn: Maybe at the next house? Not a lot of lawn (it's very ecologically unfriendly), but just a bit at our feet (because isn't a lush lawn so fabulous on our feet?) by the Adirondack chairs, under the Sky Chair, or near the hammock. The rest of the yard full of native plants that require whatever water is provided naturally. (This lawn is at Chateau Ste. Michelle, these peacocks were totally into me!). When I lived in Pullman, I developed a lovely habit of going to this great park with a quilt, and a pile of stuff - books, art supplies, letter writing paraphernalia - the grass was so soft, fragrant and deep green, I'd lay down and nearly immediately take a glorious nap.

luau: always wanted to attend an authentic luau, is it possible, or are they all hotel sponsored tourist traps these days?

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Denise said...

Very nice...I love anne lamott.