Saturday, September 22, 2007

m is for....

my interpretation of journal prompt via dawn sokol:

and back to the alphabet.

magic: Don't you love it when you encounter magic on what seems to otherwise be a normal, everyday experience? Like finding a meter with time still on it. Or going to the coffeeshop to find that it's free latte afternoon. Or really hoping to learn enamel skills and finding a class tomorrow available to me!
messy paper: One photo sample of the messy paper I often have on the messy table of my studio...I swirl around bits of leftover paint, then when it's full, cut it up and add it to art projects.

moon: We always look to the sky at night to see the moon. Make wishes upon the moon.

martha stewart: Found her again on the Fine Living channel. I so admire her.

metal clay: Love experimenting with this magic medium. I have a bunch of new pieces, but am packing them up for the move, I'll show you all finished objects later (late October, mid-November?)

merry christmas: The holiday season. The only early display I love. In fact, I like that places are filling with red, green, blue and glitter. It is a constant gentle reminder to keep working on those gifts. And advent - what a glorious time to be in community. I love all the family photo cards that come in the mail. Those christmas newsletters! The variety of cards, the colour of the envelopes, the re-connection with family and friends from around the globe. The christmas lights (we are of the all white light camp), the gift wrapping, the baking, the open houses, the spice-y smells in the air...

maker faire: If I was able to take any one thing home from the Maker Faire this would have been this camper! For as long as I can remember I always had this dream of living in a tiny cabin in the woods along side a river. So incredibly efficient and beautiful. Maybe someday we'll have one of these beauties. I love the awning in front too.


Laurie said...

Wow, I love everything in this post. That camper is totally precious.

'Cept I'm not so crazy about Christmas starting earlier every year. It's taken away a lot of the specialness for me. I used to work in retail and the commercialism drove out a lot of the joy of Christmas - I am just recently beginning to get a little of it back.

cordeliaknits said...

I like the journal page. I've been journaling more lately, but not as elaborately as I used to.

And I think I would need a slightly bigger camper--like, maybe a 32 footer. :)

I've always dreamed of having an RV that you can drive, so there would be minimal need to pack up when it's time to leave. I hate packing up, especially at the end of a fun trip. It's so depressing.

celeste said...

back in my younger days when i seemed to be moving every year i had that dream. 'if only i owned an RV, i'd just bungee cord everything into place to move'.
the dream has returned!