Monday, September 03, 2007

h is for...

hot coffee. It really wasn't about the caffeine! I love the rich, deep flavor of I have decaf Americanos, with occasional 1/2 lattes (half the milk, double the decaf shots) yum! Seriously, if you love coffee and haven't tried my friends coffee yet, please, give it a try - *so* good!

home sweet home. I'm such a nester. I love 'corners of my home' on flickr. (If you haven't yet discovered this corner of the internets, watch out, you could spend *HOURS* looking at all the fabulousness in 'corners of my home' alone). I love HGTV! Love, love, love! These are my teeny tiny collages I make into little pendants. I have lots related to the home, lots of hearts and lots of winter imagery. hmmm.
hearts. Love the symbol, I love the anatomically correct heart too (I just haven't really explored using it in my art yet...though now I'm completely inspired to do so).

handmade/homemade/handcrafted. Love, love, love. It truly is the thought that counts, isn't it? When you know someone really thought about you while deciding what to make you, what colours to make it in and then thought about you all the while they were creating it...isn't that the best?

what are your h's?


dogfaeriex5 said...

mmmmmm, coffee!!! i adore my coffee in the morning and after a really good dinner!! i so love that coffee art is is gorgeous...did you make it! me and starbucks are very tight and i have to have it everyday!!!

kmt said...

ohhhhh.. i LOVE the collages! (wondering how much the hubby will roll his eyes when i walk in from the craft store with my arms full of art supplies :)

would dig knowing how you make them into pendants!

celeste said...

yes, i did paint the coffee mug (and all the little bitty collages too).
i solder the collages between glass; i adhere them to bits of copper (and other metals) and to bits of plastic too. i'll show more of them later.
thanks for your comments :)