Thursday, August 30, 2007

f is for...

fire: i believe i am a fire sign (sagittarius), though i am really more drawn to the water. but oh, when camping, or at ArtFest, bonfires are always a draw...because the water is still going to be there when the fire is out.

friendship: sharing that favorite quote again here: 'we evolve at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into' carolyn myss

frost: no photos of this, it does occur sometimes in the bay area, you have to get up early for it though. one of my favorite parts of my commute years ago was driving through the rural countryside toward Prineville passing fields with wheel lines (irrigation type) pumping out water inefficiently showing frosted bits of field in artist archs.

fluff: i love wispy things - clouds, cotton candy, yarn, and sometimes quick reads - mysteries, romance novels, and magazines.

firsts: the thrill, the anxiety, the pros and cons.
forests: the smell, the mist, the activity, i especially love forest along the ocean, or a lake, or rivers.

flowers: blooming, various stages in the same cluster. i'm not a big fan of cut flowers though, they fade so quickly.

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