Thursday, August 16, 2007

a is for...

i found this great idea and am giving it a go.

apples. i love them. years ago when i was in graduate school in la crosse, wisconsin i made regular trips to la crescent, minnesota - just across the mississippi river. there was a farm stand there. and by farm stand i mean, a huge very well crafted wooden structure with a gift shop full of apple items, caramel apples, apple pies, and barrels & barrels of apples each with a bowl, knife and a sample apple. oh. my. goodness. so many apples are so much better than red delicious! i have not eaten a red delicious since. yum. i loved living near so much variety. perhaps we will be near such a place again.

artist. i don't get involved in the discussion of art v. craft. i am an artist. if you make stuff, you are an artist. (unless you don't want to call yourself an artist...there are some sensitive people who are very specific about what qualifies us as an artist. just speak for yourself, don't disparage other people and their dreams).

artfest. i had dreamed of going for years, and last year was my first. it was so amazing. i'm definitely going back - year after year! go. and let's meet up there and trade some art stuff.
what are your a's?

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