Monday, August 20, 2007

d is for....

doors. I am captivated by the variety of doors and entryways. The paint colours, the potted plants, the lighting, the windows in or around them, the shape (oh how I love the curved topped ones!)

decorate. Oh how I *love* decorating magazines (home, garden, weddings, kids rooms, *kitchens*).

dream. A favorite phrase. A much needed activity for the creative person, time to just be (on hikes, sitting by the ocean, taking a bath) and allow images and words and ideas swirl around.

decoupage. I don't really use this word for the collage work that I do, but, it is descriptive I suppose. I *heart* paste + paper.

decluttering. We had an *old* computer, it served us well while C was in seminary, and then, it up and decided to no longer work. Fortunately we had the laptop by then. So, we moved the old computer to our new home and it sat in the garage until we figured out how to wipe it clean before recycling it. Because I'm all aflutter about our upcoming move -- I'm recycling, tossing, donating stuff like crazy. I asked our IT folks at work and they said 'bring it in'! yippee. So, they wiped it for us and took the *huge* monitor too! One ginormous box out of the garage!

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Dawn said...

I've been trying to get a hold of you about your submission for the 1,000 Artists Journal Pages book...I've sent several e-mails to you...Please e-mail me...Thanks, Dawn