Sunday, August 05, 2007

the shimmering shades of green

Why am I doing this project?

~It feels right.
~Overcoming the too much lifestyle. Too big (cars, homes, phones, pantries, etc).

~To continue my resistance to our culture.

~For our world: I know that the environment is sick and getting sicker. I hope that my living example can make the best difference it can.

~To continue living free of debt.
~To Increase our Savings and Retirement funds.
~Have only things we love and find useful in our home and life.

~Eat Healthier: Currently we are fortunate to live in an area with great prices on organic food. As soon as we can, we'll be planting an incredible garden. I'll be freezing, drying, canning and sharing all the bounty. Little dairy, little gluten, no refined foods (white flour, white sugar, any processed foods).

~Continue to Live with Less.

~Learn Something about Myself: I continue to be able to rid our home of lots of things, the hardest things for me to declutter? my art and craft supplies!
~Be a role model for my children: teach our children about money, consumerism, community, monopolies, excess.

~Finish Projects: I complete projects when I can't buy more stuff.

~Community: we have found that we have plenty and we can share. We contribute to canned food drives, school supply drives, shelters, church, etc.
My specific goals as we move:
Plan a Garden
Begin holiday gift making (list who/what)
Leap and figure out how to make soap (to go with those 20 knitted washcloths)
Finish the detox program. Minimize dairy, gluten and sugar upon completion.
De*clutter items in the garage and studio (only two cluttered places left)
Create a Home Keeping plan (meals, cleaning, social events)
Before dinner walks with C
Bake Bread (play with gluten free recipes)
Buy a home (fix cosmetic needs, plan landscaping/garden, decorate)

What are your goals?


Laurie said...

Goals - that's something that I'm pretty good at!

Like you, I have the hardest time decluttering my art and craft supplies. I've been such a packrat. Lately I've been reorganizing my studio and moving my hobby stuff from a closet and other stashes inside the house to my studio. I found a lot of stuff that I had forgotten about and I have to wonder whether I should just get rid of it. My first weaving projects are among them. I think that I've made the decision to use the natural fiber ones for mulch. They're awful and taking up space. I'm going to put some other stuff on Freecycle, I think.

Most of my goals are weaving and art related these days, but I'm thinking about my winter garden too, which will have to be planted soon.

Marian said...

I have many of the goals you have. I need to declutter more in my apartment, especially my clothes and magazines. I'm starting to keep a journal and writing down all my intended craft projects, as I get ideas from magazines or the internet. I aim to live a healthier life and will start to keep a journal about the food I eat. I have to eat more vegetables. I also need to improve my housekeeping attempts.

celeste said...

marian...oh, aren't magazines so hard? i love them too! in fact i have a box of them in the studio and haven't even touched them in at least three months - i should just take the whole box to church for collage making.
vegetables, i've been eating two servings of 2 cups each a day and have really learned about spicing them up. and just yesterday i borrowed a *great* cookbook from the library - chez panisse vegetables (and chex panisse fruit), i highly recommend it!