Friday, August 10, 2007

art therapy

it's been a *very* difficult week.

all i'll share here is that our car (which we bought only last october!) died. the engine. quote was $3900 for fixing it. nearly what we paid for it. ack. so, we sold it to the mechanic. we'll be trying to manage commuting to our two jobs with one car. when we move to our new city/state, we'll buy a new car if we need it.

hard times right now.

so, i've holed up in the studio a couple of hours a day to try to work through some of the pain and frustration. also working on some projects to post to etsy (gotta raise some much needed money :)).
one bit of good news this week. three of my journal pages were accepted into the 1,000 journal pages book! i'm so thrilled about that.

have been wanting to create stencils because of these fabulous inspirational pieces. and then the rays stencils! i could not bring myself to start the stencil creation, so i improvised and drew and painted this piece. i've been having my 5 servings of veggies and fruit a day (4 of veggies, 1 of fruit).
prayers welcome.

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Krisite LaRose said...

Howdy Girl-

Sorry to hear about your car- that totally sucks!!!

Glad your creating- and super proud and happy for you on getting journal pages in that cool book/project! You go girl!