Saturday, August 18, 2007

c is for...

celeste. I love my name. It has become more common, pity. I love an uncommon name. And i love that it can't be shortened. Named after a fabulous, independent friend of my mom's, i'm ever grateful for the unique name. In the 70s though i spun many a display rack in the u.s. looking and looking to see if *this* rack had celeste etched onto a mini license plate for my bicycle. (never did, thank goodness). This may when we were in Disneyland, i looked again (see my previous mention of how much more common my name has become) -- still not there! yippee.

cookie exchange. One of my *favorite* rituals of holiday time. I love hearing about the history of folks favorite recipes. It's such a grand adventure to enter the room, to see what creations have come with friends, colleagues, family.

colour. Probably the hardest question for me to answer....What's your favorite colour? It so depends - my favorite colour for what? my bedroom wall? my studio wall? to wear to work? to wear for a hike? to wear to the cafe? for the background of this painting? to complement this bit of silver pendant? The most I can narrow it down - deep, saturated colours.

coffee. I have been drinking decaf Americanos for about two weeks now. I still miss the rush of caffeine and especially my favorite lattes. But, the richness of the decaf Americano have definitely helped to keep me on track with the new plan.

classes. Lifelong learning! I'm so thankful for public education - community colleges, parks and recreation, local knitting shops, events. I love to plan and promote them, and I love to take them.

the coast. I am a water baby (it's not my sign, I think I'm a fire sign). My family can attest, I actually wanted to sleep in our little canvas swimming pool in our backyard in Australia. (No, I wasn't allowed to, though I did go out in the middle of the night to take a dip when I woke up from the heat). I chose my graduate school program in a large part by it's proximity to water. I crave moving water - rivers, oceans, streams.


Auntie Knickers said...

I think I'll do this too but some of my words might be the same as yours...but not all. And of course the part about the name will come under "n" but I have much the same feelings as you about the subject.

Catherine said...

I love this idea you are developing here. I will be back to see all the posts. I will get to know you even better in a short time. That's 26 days if it is daily, a little longer if you want to drag it out. HA!

cordeliaknits said...

ok, hang on. I can not believe that you did C and left out ME!!!