Friday, August 03, 2007

need plums?

more bounty from our yard (this would *totally* make up for the deck's depth keeping my double pointed needle, if only i could eat something tasty made of these plums - i only have to wait another week though and we do have a freezer, so...). I'll be returning to the tree for another full bag too. Going to start a little production of plum soaking, cutting and insertion to the freezer bag this evening. (That is a regular sized wine bottle added to the still life for scale).
I'm on day 20 of the detox (finishing the first week of Phase I - reintroducing some foods) and really thrilled with how great I feel. I have stepped up my weight lifting and continue walking -- even further and faster, last night I drank a full 32oz bottle of water on the walk. I continue to have the green tea every morning, but follow that up about twice a day (when missing my lattes) with Good Earth tea. Oh how I love Good Earth tea. It's sweet (a little too sweet sometimes, so I add more water) without *any* form of sugar. so good. so helps me avoid the caffeine.
Art is covering the 'messy table' -- I've really been in a frenzy with creating. I'll post photos later today.
Also have to get back out in the backyard to fill the orange bag again with plums, wash them and lay them out somewhere (right now the counter and windowsills in the kitchen are full of the washed plums from yesterday, some need a day or two longer to ripen a bit more before I cut 'em up and freeze them).

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