Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Healthy Summer

Trying out all the vegetables at the farmer's market...really have to start writing down my favorites to begin the list of what we want to go in the garden next year. (Mom, you know we'll be consulting with you to find out about what we need to do starts in the basement/garage or kitchen window and so much more about our garden and landscaping).

Last night I made Wild Salmon with yummy garlic herb marinade. And the ever present steamed veggies and brown rice. I am a wee bit over the pile of steamed veggies. Going to have to try making the hummus and having raw veggies. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and am following this book. I do feel great. Am completely off caffeine. What! Yes, you read that correctly. Pretty unlikely I will stay off the caffeine though -- oh how i miss every single one of my lattes! Only 1.5 more days...though I haven't really read ahead to what I should start re-introducing on Monday. Perhaps it'll be a couple more days before I indulge in my lattes - and even then I may be trying them with gluten-free organic soy milk first (maybe always, i certainly feel clearer headed - though am unsure if it is gluten, dairy or both that are the cause of that stuffy headed feeling).

In other news, I started knitting hats for winter holiday gifts, only to lose one of my brand new (to me, from SCRAP) double pointed needles down the spacing of our deck. If we owned this house, or were staying for any length of time I would *so* get one of those outdoor rugs to make our outdoor space more comfortable (I also get more than my share of splinters in my feet out there).

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Catherine Witherell said...

Hi Celeste, This post makes me hungry. I am writing after 2 am since I am too excited to sleep yet. Thanks for the visit and the congratulations! Are you going to be at Artfest in 2008? I sure hope so. Where are you living now? Same place? Does the post refer to you not staying for sure or just because you are renting? Inquiring minds want to know, and it is too late right now for me to read through the last few posts to see if there is more info. I'll have to come back or you'll have to email me please

I also want to say that I found out I was allergic to dairy a few years ago and I had the same symptoms, stuffy nose. But it was worse and I got headaches for days and decided I was tired of using sudafed, ibuprofen and coffee - what a cocktail, bleh.

I did a cleanse and after the third day, my headache went away. Kind of like having morning sickness go away if you are pregnant. But maybe that is TMI. I started introducing things and I still felt fine. Then I added cheese one day, ice cream the next and when I added a latte, it all added up and I got a serious headache. I realized it was cumulative, every day I had some dairy was like adding a brick. Now I just eat small amounts and rarely two or three days in a row. I havent had a headache in years and so the ibuprofen consumption has gone way down.

O.K. Good luck with the food deprivation. HA! Have a wonderful day