Friday, July 13, 2007

slow is the new fast

i'm keeping this collage in an honored space in my studio (until it sells). all of my collages have inner spirit dimensions - they are reflections of my spirit when I'm creating them - sometimes it's the colours I'm drawn to in that moment, other times it's textures, or images (birds! often - sometimes because they are nesters, sometimes because they fly, sometimes because they are sneaky).

getting ready for a system of updating my etsy shop regularly. the weather today is perfect for tons of photography. so, i'm going to continue taking photos, cropping and archiving them. later, when it gets too hot, i'll nestle into the studio for a little painting and collaging new pieces.

so, "slow is the new fast". yes, so much happening in our lives these days. we continue the job search process, checking out whether or not we can buy a home in these new places, are there community supported agriculture programs there? we moved all of the stuff we had stored in my mom's garage for the past four years. i filled two boxes with high school and college papers - tests, reports, etc. remember when we had to write our ss# on our tests and papers? ack. so we hauled the cross shredder out into the garage to take care of those sheets. goodness. oh all the memories - prom, graduation, young life, campus crusade for christ. good stuff. i had saved balloons, corsages, ribbons, political buttons, notes passed in high school. most of those things i tossed. later, as a special treat, i may take a photograph on my prom photo to post. we'll see. maybe, if i get a bunch of requests i will.
this jewelry box is my first - from way back! i have strong memories of these charm bracelets - the importance and purchase of every single one of the charms - almost all of them acquired while we lived in Singapore. The little birds next was a part of a necklace I received when we lived in Alaska when I was in jr. high. The medal/pendant is from the Centennial Celebration of one of my elementary schools - Templestowe Elementary in a 'burb of Melbourne, Australia. I remember May Pole dances, sand candle creation and learning to write in cursive there. It took me a long time after we returned to the United States to re-train myself in writing p, r, s, e (those are the ones I remember most - could be there were other letters written differently also).
woot! i just went over to my email to send a little something out and -- *the*invitation*came* -- so, i'll be posting this for now so that i can get back to learning about ravelry. see you there!

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