Sunday, July 01, 2007

a wee bit of knitting....

Finished another pair. I love the swirliness of this design - though I really don't like the directions for the heel...I think I'll re-work those directions the next time I knit these. They fit fabulously. The Persistent Illusion - Snake River Socks. As I went to find the link for you all, I noticed that there is now an errata. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I struggled so with the heel...but in the end I just pushed through and did whatever seems like it would work. Another one of the great joys of knitting socks two at a time. I didn't have to spend a great deal of time writing down all of my whimiscal decisions because I was going to do the exact same thing within the hour! Right on. I *love*love*love* knitting two socks at once. For me, the only way to go. The tension is really consistent. No second sock syndrome. Use up the yarn very effectively. Give it a try.

The side view. I'm pretty sure that ridge isn't supposed to be there, but,'s held together nicely!
Next up - that *(&*! Chevron Scarf. I totally bypassed the Jaywalker socks. But those scarves! And I do have a far bit of leftover sock yarns, so... I have knit up 8 sections thus far and I love this too!
O.K. And then I really must get on that Summer KALCAL project!

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