Sunday, July 08, 2007

This is Spy. The best dog ever. She love, love, loves when I come to visit. Dogs are *so* great about unconditional love, making you feel as though you are the most important of all. We stay at the Spy family home often when my brother's family is staying at my mom's house. Spy and I play in the backyard after her regular family goes to work in the morning. Then we share the futon, she naps and sighs for pets and I read and drink this excellent coffee. Jumpin' sings and plays the guitar often at the coffeehouse, she's racked up a mound of trade for this best coffee. She had a gig while we were in town - at the Friday Farmer's Market. Great new songs Jumpin'. Please, please, please make a CD! Anyone know of a recording space in Bend? Let me know. I'll forward the information to Jumpin'.

One of my favorite new pieces. Quilty goodness. More on the display in the next photo. Soon to be posted to my store.

The new booth. I love how it all came together. I love the clean look, the red firecracker looking curtains and the peg board! (Thanks again Jumpin' for cut them for me). The collages were a big hit - yippee! Always fun meeting new people, seeing great artists and oh, the people watching!

Near the end of the 4th of July celebration downtown the bike parade came through and everyone fled the booth to watch and hoot along with the bicyclists. Long, long line of fun-loving folks.

When do we get to light the fireworks?

croquet anyone? good times.

Right now!
'Dude! Fireworks on top of the ladder! That's an excellent idea!"
How we roll with all the kids - each gets to choose a firework from the rather large stash. When it's their turn they bring their pick to C to light. As it's being lit the announcement is made as to whose firework this is. We (adults and kids alike) clap and hoot and whistle - congratulating the firework picker on their creativity and sparkle. The spent firework goes into a big bucket of water. More fireworks are chosen from the box - this process repeats until it's dark and we start really looking to the Butte (Pilot Butte) for indications that the 'big fireworks' are about to start.

Sparkler art. By the brilliant, creative, cutest nephews. When I was a child we always wrote our names with the sparklers. I forgot all about this while watching on Wednesday. I'll have to try to capture letter writing with sparklers another time.

Angel wings out of Sparkler action! One of my favorite fireworks photo - and I have a fairly large collection now!

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