Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Decluttering and Stripping

Exploring Ravelry -- trying to figure out how to get more knitting time in. And am extremely motivated to complete those wips (works in progress) to get them out of the house before we move.

Decluttering continues. Soon I'll be putting together sweet packets of supplies for my etsy store too. It's a bit disturbing to me that when I look around our home, thinking of the packing and moving situation, I am *very* aware that *the*most*boxes* will come from my studio! As I'm looking at real estate photos, I notice some kitchens with so many cupboards I find myself wondering what we would do with that much space! Our current place has not much storage, but plenty for us because we have pared down our kitchen things so much in the past several moves. Even so, I'm thrilled about the possibility of having a larger kitchen being able to have one cupboard for baking things, one cupboard for stovetop things, etc.

We have these two hand-me-down dining tables that we don't really like the finish of, but I really can see the potential of stripping it and painting them an enamely/glossy vibrant colour - deep poinsettia red? deep summer sky blue? bright daffodil yellow? And then I think...I should strip and then paint with something I find at a recycle center - to help keep some paint from just sitting in a rusty can somewhere. We'll see. And then there is the idea of painting these and then moving them, the possibility of getting scratched. Maybe just the stripping, then the painting in our new home? So, they sit waiting for me to decide.


cordeliaknits said...

I vote for bright pink and Tiffany blue!

And, just keep some extra paint in case they get scratched in the move. I'm sure you have some little airtight containers stashed away...

celeste said...

i do love tiffany blue, not certain about the bright pink. i'm still partial to the red and blue combination. won't they be great studio day work tables?