Friday, July 27, 2007

Coffee Girl meets Yarn Pirate

Been painting layers and layers on 5 x 7 backgrounds, just really loving the rich depth. Also have been working on more bits of paper pasted to the 5 x 7 first, then painting layers on top. This piece is especially fun, there are mica glittery particles in there! Coffee Girl.

My latest Magic Loop, Two at a Time, Toe Up. I'm doing plain stockinette all around and am now determining what pattern to create on the cuff. This is a skein of my hand-dyed yarn.

The first shipment of my sock club membership to yarn pirate. I love getting a package in the mail! The soap smells great. I really like the base of the yarn, but am uninspired by the colourway (Rum Runner), so I think I may trade. Anyone interested? Violet (yes, *the* Violet) mentioned on Lime and Violet that she was so jealous of her friend who signed up and just received her skein - so I know there are people out there who *love* this colourway. Let me know - if you have a similar skein you'd like to trade with me. Send me photos. celestialspirit13 at yahoo dot com.

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g-girl said...

came across your blog while doing a search for pattern ideas for the rum runner--have you been able to trade your skein? I haven't a clue as to what to knit up with this colorway either!