Wednesday, July 25, 2007

M is for Mystery -support your local bookstore

Oh my goodness! M is for Mystery! did such an excellent transformation of their store for this event. The costumes, the activities and display areas! Amazing. This is why we all *must* support local businesses. Because they put their hearts and souls into making this an *event* for the children and the adults who want that whimsy and adventure and magic in their lives too. Truly. This store and these people, they need your business, Amazon's "special" Harry Potter mailing box -- so not the same thing (I haven't actually seen one, just heard someone talking about it - I evangelize about independent bookstores, no one I know would tell me they backed out of their promise to buy from an independent bookstore ;)).

Our ticket for this adventure. I'm reading as slowly as I can manage - I'm on page 502. Have been hearing so much lately about Harry Potter - just little snippets on the various podcasts I listen to, or 'watercooler talk' I look forward to listening to the full series on audio too.

Suggestions from anyone on similar stories - I've already read all of Philip Pullman's books (love those too!)

No spoiler comments please :)


Auntie Knickers said...

Yup, I got mine from Gulf of Maine Books here on Maine St. in guess-where? However, I just started reading #6 so it will be a while before I get to it. Sisterknits has read hers, I know.

celeste said...

My next HP goal is to listen to all of the books on tape read by Jim Dale. I've heard such excellent comments about his work.