Thursday, November 23, 2006

this thanksgiving

just a few of the things i'm thankful for this moment...
whole foods thanksgiving in a box (i really should have taken a picture of this, *amazing*)
my studio
my family and friends
this video, Joan Jett - I saw her in concert when I was in high school - looks like she's back
wait, wait don't tell me podcasts

been really thinking a lot about advent lately -- working out how to begin a more mindful practice this year. of course, i really am drawn a little to this practice (which i know very little about), in my mind, it's not so much the presents to open, more about the visual reminder, like advent calendars, to sit down, slow down, put aside the big box store juggling and early morning sale battles, and reflect for at least one moment each day during advent.

oh my goodness, i almost published this without photos...i'll be right back, gonna take a shot of the messy table right now.

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