Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chocolate Tracks

It's been a crazy week again. I do love art days - the whole ritual of art day is fun. We added a new thing this week, I hadn't had time to go up to the Farmer's Market before everyone got here, so as soon as we were all together I offered up a road trip. Those who couldn't wait to start on the art could stay here (Cordelia), and the others piled in the van to drive the couple of miles up the hill. It is a beautiful location and all the Harvest veggies and baked goods -- yum. Sweet little girl had her chocolate covered apple, the greatest vision -- teeth marks all around the apple, no apple missing, just faint tracks where she'd scrapped the chocolate off the globed holder of the chocolate on a stick! We splurged and bought fresh baked gourmet pizza, brownie pie, almond & chocolate croissant, cheese curds, tiny little organic fuji lunchbox apples, fresh tamales, a beautiful bag of mixed organic salad greens (topped with edible flowers), jalapeno cheese bread, chocolate chip cookies, and I'm sure I forgot some things.
Art Day was great...I'll have to post photos later though...all my art photos lately have been for etsy postings.
The photo today is of a "it's gonna to rain soon" at Half Moon Bay. We went Sunday afternoon (completely forgetting that it was the last weekend day before Halloween -- *lots* of backed up traffic to get to / from the pumpkin patches! Totally worth it though, not many of those folks went all the way to the beach.


lisa said...

i went to the east bay depot...what a treasure chest that place is!!!

i was going to buy myself some of those little glass bottles, had them in my basket and everything, and the realized that i had no cash with me, so i had to put them back.

it would be so much fun to go there with you and cordelia and pick through things so that you and she could turn them into treasures!

and thanks for art day, i love art day, even though i don't make any art. it's just a very nice, healing, fun day.


cordeliaknits said...

I love art day! I love art day! I love art day!

And, I love my PMC stuff! I'm hoping to make it to the bead show this weekend to get some treasures to combine with my new silver bounty.

Oh, and you can just bring the tie tacks to school on Monday-that way I'll save .87 on shipping ;)