Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Bells are Ringing.

I've been collecting really wonderful papers for years and have known for quite some time that I simply have more in my stash than I will ever be able to use on my own. So, I'm putting together packets to share with everyone. This is version blue. Next up, version pink.
Also experimenting with structures of PMC, these are the first of Christmas bells!
I have been one of many so drawn to turquoise and red lately! I had to create some earrings. The tree of life ones say "bless your heart" and the floral antique button texture says "bloom". I was just not able to get a good series of photographs this afternoon, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get enough good images for another round of postings. I'm off to the kitchen for a different sort of creation -- turkey stock! Then I'll see what I can do about the freezer disaster - shuffle enough around in there to make room for stock and soup and maybe a little casserole.

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