Saturday, November 11, 2006

Paints, Paper & Pens....oh my!

Gesso'd and painted the backgrounds of a bunch of 4x4 boards for collages. This one is nearly done. More time playing with paints, paper and pens tomorrow! The colours aren't showing very true...I'll take another shot tomorrow in the daylight.
Have missed knitting lately. Tonight I knit up another little pointy hat.
It was cold at the Farmer's Market this morning...going to need those Fetching gloves next time - oh, and a fresh latte to sip and hold while browsing.


Skyqueen said...

This is SO cool!! what kind of baords are you using?? I'm totally intrigued (sp) with all your work, you're very diverse and it seems you have your hands in EVERYTHING!!

It's GREAT!!

celeste said...

thank you. the boards are the cut out part of scrapbooking photo albums. where the cover has a hole for a special photo - that cut out part is the board I use for this series of collages. i'll post more of my play with these later this week. thanks again.