Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One Fish, Two Fish, Pin Fish

Another beautiful sunrise on my commute this morning. Good news! I remembered to send myself photos. The yummy basil, tomato, marinated mozerella cheese salad, an *old* photo of C's socks...they are actually much closer to being completed. Will take a newer photo during my studio time end of the week. And the final photo is one of the beautiful picnic tables at Half Moon Bay. Meet with the Kalediscope ladies last night -- good potluck food, conversation and then we made collage tags. Good sports all.
Sold one of my cute little fishes last night on etsy! These make me smile. This is what I love so much about etsy. That I can sell things without being present, but it *feels* like the artist is present, because of the shop chatter, the item description chatter and the blog links. Love it!

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Skyqueen said...

The fish pins are so neat!! I'm glad I came across your blog!! Can't wait to explore some of the back posts.