Thursday, November 16, 2006

i *heart* labyrinths

Went to the beautiful Mercy Center today to pick up our friend R. She's in what sounds like a glorious centering post graduate program of a deep spiritual practice nature. Upon returning post off campus conversation and yummy lunch, we hugged all around, R showed us to the bookstore and went off to continue her lessons in spiritual community. The Mercy Center bookstore has some *great* Nativity scenes. Nativity scenes are very personal I think! None were quite right for me. It's in my mind now day a Nativity scene will come from the studio. Great Christmas cards - we bought three sets. Of course, I'll still be making some, but now, no pressure :)
After the bookstore and brief visit to the womb-like sanctuary off we went to the gardens. I do love the bay area, these photos are but some of the reasons. Sad news -- there are tags on many of the flowers in the garden having to remind people that they are not to cut the flowers! What! How self-serving a person do you have to be to think it's o.k. to cut flowers from someone else's garden without permission?

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