Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunrise - a delicious colourway

What a wonderful day of relaxing back into an art day in the studio. I double checked all the printed out orders from etsy, packaged everything up and put them all in a bag to bring to our mailroom this morning. We have a professional scale, so I can weigh with great certainty and place the appropriate number of stamps I purchased at the post office last week. I am so in love with my new local post office, the efficiency is remarkable compared with what I had experienced in Berkeley & Albany! Yikes, I always wanted to say to these workers (never a good idea to comment to folks so on the edge though) - you have a *great* job with *amazing* benefits that *so* many people would bake muffins and cakes to deliver to the hiring folks daily to try to bribe them into getting your job...and you are bitter, angry, lazy people. Ack! So, I appreciate the great folks on the peninsula!
Am excited to be talking with the Kalediscope group at church tonight. About my art journey. I wrote out a rough outline, picked out some sample pieces from the past several years to show the different mediums and skill levels ;) We're going to make collage gift tags as the project for the I gathered a pile of my papers and assorted ephemera to share. I hope I have enough glue sticks. Will post pictures of the completed pieces tomorrow.
Speaking of photos. I took some great shots yesterday to post today, and promptly forgot to send them to myself so I could post them today (I'm getting this entry done on a short break at work). I'll edit later tonight.
Really wanted to take a photo of the sunrise this morning as I drove across the 92 bridge. Delicious colourway!

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seejanemom said...

Your art is beautiful. I am an artist, myself, but not 3-D--(pen/ink). Your comments at Mighty Girl were kind, but I want to leave that be over there. I love her blog and don't wish to beat the horse on her doorstep, you know? I hope you will come visit me sometime when you want to hear "the other side" and again share your thoughtfulness. I pull no punches, but all are always welcomed. :)