Friday, November 03, 2006

The Artist's Way

Two bits of thrilling news
1. I've sold more things on etsy! So yesterday when I took the packages to the post office, I dressed in my new favorite artist outfit. Keen boots, brown pants and black hoodie (for this artist the rule is, always something in black).

2. *Now* it's officially fall in my book -- *eggnog lattes* are here! I've been taking etsy photo shots, downloading to the laptop, back on the floor for photos, back to the computer, crop, resize, put in the right file. Empty the card, back to the floor (one of these days...I swear I'm going to get a bigger card for this camera, it only holds about 30 photos before I have to download) for more shots...somewhere in the middle of the 103rd download my sweetie calls from just outside
Whole Foods and informs the answering machine - "There's a sign [at Peet's, next door, this Whole Foods makes *bad* lattes] that says the EggNog Lattes are here. So I'm bringing one home for you!". Such love. Because truly, I do love the eggnog lattes, though my preferred latte is homemade (in my utter excitement, I forgot to ask for eggnog from Whole Foods), because I can blend just the right amount of eggnog and skim milk to make it perfect for me.

It's been raining and raining for two days. Perfect stay in the studio days. Soup, artisan bread, salad. Now, eggnog lattes added to the daily menu.

I teach at BABE! tomorrow. I am so excited. I love the classroom environment, teaching, seeing all the creativity of the student artists in the room, the laughter and the ah ha moments. So much fun. Have most everything packed up. Loading the car tonight.
(If you are coming to BABE! be sure to print the $2 off coupon on the website)

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