Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Have spent a glorious day in the studio, filling orders and playing delightful Christmas music! My artist friend, Cordelia asked her mother to make me an instrumental Christmas mix, Cordelia said her mom *loves* to create CDs full of grace, dance and inspiration. She most definitely has a gift for this, right after a fast paced, get your blood going instrumental, she slows it down to a more meditative mood. Fabulous for working at the messy table.

And on the photo front - I dug deep - last year's Christmas tree, full with a mixture of gifts for us and from us to be hand delivered. Please click on the picture of the sand - do you see the angel's wing? This is one of the very first photos I took with this camera. I bought this camera to take this picture. We were at Cannon Beach one weekend and I noticed on our walk that there were dozens of these incredible formations everywhere - such a glorious blessing. So, bought the camera and went back the next weekend to capture (outside of our memories). My memories are better, they were more pronounced and abundant before camera, I will always count that walk as one of my most cherished memories.

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