Saturday, January 12, 2008

the tribe

great things about today (again, no particular order)

the sun peeking through this morning

yummy triple decaf mocha

dancing folks during the ice=breaker this morning

such a great connection at the all church retreat this morning

oh, how i love that Carolyn Myss quote (we evolve at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into.) it's *so* true, non?

5 x 7 rainbow index cards

smelly markers (the ones that smell like fruit and mint and stuff)

clementines with the little i heart cuties stickers

getting to know a tribe through 'people bingo' - seriously no one in our group of over 30 people had a tattoo...(no one had dressed up as Elvis or a Bible character either)

getting new comments on my blog and flickr accounts

an hour with a mug of decaf coffee and a stack of magazines at b & n

a night at the museum. really enjoyed this movie tonight.

good conversation, laughter, connections.

such a good day.



Gwen said...

Hi Celeste,
Thanks for the comment on my blog, and yes, I will bring the braided rug stamp!
Sounds like you had a very great day!


amy said...

I love those smelly markers! My grandma, a retired school teacher used to have them in her basement when we came to visit. They bring back good memories. I haven't been able to get some yet with a little one since I wasn't sure what she'd do with them! And yummy mocha!