Tuesday, January 08, 2008

excited about my crafty t-shirt

i'm totally going to make one of these t-shirts for myself next summer.

i'm really trying to get caught up on posting all of the collage a days to my flickr (and taking the photos of them). i got behind on photographing them because it's just not as sunshine=y here, and i had this deep aversion to photographing with the flash. i'm over that. so stay tuned to flickr. there will be more and more and more of them coming in the next few weeks. until i finally catch up, and then it'll be back to posting one at a time.
what are your crafty + arty intentions for the year? I continue to highly recommend doing something every day. you'll be amazed at the results. Some days I don't like what I end up with at all. But, I feel like I've learned a ton in the past year.


Gwen said...

hi celeste,
I am loving your blog! I, too, am trying to do something every day. I would love to work up to doing more than one something (in art) every day.

I will check out your flickr tomorrow!

Tara Ross Studios said...

I like your t-shirt idea

amy said...

Love the buddha and breathe/tea collage.